Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bill Bartmann in the News with new book, “Bailout Riches!

How Everyday Investors can make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar

How does America’s financial crisis become an investment opportunity? It begins with over $1 trillion dollars in defaulted loans, credit card debts and other bad loans being written off and sold to investors for pennies on the dollar. Bill Bartmann has a proven system for buying the debt without using your own money.

Bill Bartmann is the author of Bailout Riches, a book to provide investors with the right roadmap to spectacular profits. The book lays out a step by step plan on finding deals from the federal government, local financial institutions and loan brokers. The defaulted loan types include credit card debt, consumer loans, business loans, commercial loans and real estate loans and mortgages.

In Bailout Riches!, Bill Bartmann shows how to invest in the bailout and take your own cut of the trillion dollar pie. Bill Bartmann is an authority on bailouts; during the last big-time government bailout, Bill Bartmann built a debt collection company and became a billionaire. According to Bill Bartmann, today’s bailout is much bigger and opportunities for profit are much greater.

Bad-Debts: Bad for the Bank – Good for the Investor

Billions of taxpayer dollars are being used to buy bad debts from banks to keep them solvent as borrowers default on their loans. These debts are being sold for pennies on the dollar to anyone willing to buy them; however, they are not necessarily worthless investments.

For example, you by a $5,000 bad loan for $250.00. Next, you approach the borrower in default and offer them a chance to settle the debt for $500. If they agree, you just made a one hundred percent profit on your investment. This is a win-win-win situation; the bad loan is off the bank’s books, the borrower is out of debt and you made a profit.

Why would Bill Bartmann Share this Information?

Bill Bartmann made his fortune buying bad debts. In his book, he shows how you can make yours too. You may wonder why Bartmann would share something like this with the world. The reason is simple; there’s plenty to go around. In the next year or two around $1 trillion of debt will be written down and sold cheap.

Bailout Riches! lays out a step by step plan for finding the best deals on loan packages, building a valuable debt portfolio and collecting from debtors with less hassle. Bill Bartmann’s proven successful program is simple to follow; it’s practical and it’s cheap to get started. Bailout Riches! will show you how to jump on the biggest gravy train in recent history.

Bill Bartmann is the author of Bailout Riches! and the creator of America’s largest debt-buying and debt-collection company. Bill Bartmann has been listed among Forbes Magazine’s 400 wealthiest Americans and has twice been named National Entrepreneur of the Year by USA Today, NASDAQ, Inc Magazine, Ernst & Young and the Kauffman Foundation.

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